Enema and Weight Loss-All You Need To Know About Losing Weight With Enema

Enema and Weight Loss-All You Need To Know About Losing Weight With Enema

Losing weight becomes annoying for most of the people because there is no significant weight loss after so many efforts on their part. Today, there are some effective ways which can boost the weight loss process. One such method is weight loss by enema which can aid in the elimination of toxins and removes the waste accumulated in our colon. Enema and weight loss are very much related to each other. In this way a person loses weight significantly. However the research is going on regarding weight loss with enema and its benefits for colon cleansing.

Our body is exposed to so many toxins which either come from pollution in the environment or from the food we eat and liquids we drink. These toxins built up inside our body and these accumulations results in weight gain. Not every part of our body is prone to the built up of toxins. Commonly these toxins are buildup in our intestinal tract which causes difficulty in losing weight. People invest their time and efforts to lose weight but they don’t see any dramatic results. All is due to these toxins which are accumulated in our colon and they prevent our body to lose weight. In this article I will reveal the mystery behind enema and weight loss and its benefits towards our health.

Safe Weight Loss Recommendations:

Everyone who is losing weight wants to lose it as quickly as possible. Make sure you lose weight in a safe manner and according to guidelines and recommendations of the health experts. Losing weight gradually leads to positive results and it is a healthy way too.

The beginners should start with a plan of losing 1 to 2 pounds in a week which is a safe option rather than going for 20 to 30 pounds and putting your life to risk. Exercise contributes a great deal towards achieving for weight loss goals. Physical activity of 30 minutes is compulsory on a daily basis to help your weight loss plan. These basic guidelines should be known to everyone who is planning to lose weight safely.


Does Enema Help Lose Weight?

We will discuss weight loss with enema and also its effectiveness towards weight loss. We all know that when toxins are accumulated in our colon, our weight loss methods don’t lead to noticeable results over a period of time. This is all due to improper absorption of nutrients and slow elimination of wastes from our body. A normal person does not know about how much toxins have backed up his colon unless and until he/she starts gaining weight. At this point, the enemas have been introduced to people struggling with their weight. Enemas increase the efficiency of losing weight and the weight loss plans become more effective with the help of these enemas.

How Do Enemas Work For Weight Loss?

Enemas work for weight loss when you apply these products. With the help of this therapy, you give an opportunity to your colon to get rid of all the toxins which accumulates inside it. These toxins may have buildup through so many years and they decrease your effectiveness to lose weight. This method actually helps a person get rid of all the excess accumulation and to increase the efficiency of weight loss. Now at this point, if you have made up your mind to lose weight through enema then all you have to do is to apply it according to the instructions of the enema kit. There is a slight difference in all the enema application process which anyone can understand very quickly. The manufacturers keep in mind all the questions of the users and if some points are not clear to you then you should turn to your doctor or the pharmacist in this regard.


Is Enema Really Effective For Weight Loss?

People who come to know enema and weight loss are not sure about its effectiveness. They are usually confused and undecided to use this technique for weight loss. One should know that enemas are not hoax but they have their worth for those who are struggling with their weight. Enemas are chosen by those who have the problem of constipation and discomfort due to it. Today enemas for weight loss have attracted the people towards it but you must know about all the aspects about enema and weight loss before you use it for yourself. The factors which I am going to mention below will tell you about the effectiveness of losing weight with enema.


  • Weight Of Your Stool: Every human being excrete stool and it is not something out of the ordinary. Our stool is the way to eliminate the toxins from our body. The weight of a standard stool is one pound approximately which varies according to a person’s diet and body size. The process of digestion leaves behind the remains which buildup from time to time. This is all natural and it can be improved with the help of enema. The basic theme is to clean these contaminations so that our body can lose weight effectively. The adults should keep in mind one thing that enema for weight is not something magical that gives large weight loss results right away. The results become noticeable after some time when you have used it.


  • Hydration Is The Key: One of the realities behind weight loss and enema is the excretion of large amount of fluid through intestines. This is something natural and normal. It is due to the enema itself by which some of the fluid also comes from the cells containing toxins. Hydration is the key when you are performing it. Drink plenty of water to make sure you are hydrated as the amount of fluid passed will have to be replaced. It will give you best results. Enema treatment demands that you’re hydrated well. When body loses the water weight then it adds to the results of weight loss through enema. So you should be hydrated before the enema process starts and also when the process is finished.


What Should A Person Look For When Using Enema? How much weight loss should I expect?

When you are using enema for the first time you must expect a small amount of weight loss in the beginning. This amount is different for every person. The standard amount of weight loss that is immediate is approximately between 2-7 pounds. People with more toxin accumulation will get more results with its application. People with a fiber diet will not get so much of weight loss results. The best and noticeable results are achieved within a week. It is so because the nutrients’ absorption is improved with an enema. As a result, the energy building is improved in this regard.

How long is the Enema Application Process?

The best part about doing an enema therapy is that it does not take long to apply. The expected time is around 5 to 10 minutes which is the estimated time of its application. This time differs from one brand to the other. There are lots of brands which have various adjustments according to the process. Another important aspect to discuss here is that its application varies with every person. After the application, if there is not any type of bowel movement for about 30 to 60 minutes then the experts go for further investigations.


How To Choose The Best Enema For Weight Loss?

When it comes to choosing the best enema kit for weight loss then there are lots of products in the market and you have to carefully choose the one which suits you best. First of all you have to look for:

  • The features of the enema kit which you have selected. Some enema kits are for a single use only while the other type of kits can be used multiple times.
  • Make sure you select the enema for having a unique tubing design which allows you to use it multiple times. The clamp and hook along with enema kit make the entire enema process effective and easier.

Learn more about Best Enema Kit for Weight loss here.

How To Enhance The Results Of Enema?

The results of enema are not visible immediately. You will feel the change but the clear results are seen after a week or two. It does not mean that you rely on enema for your weight loss. Other things must complement your enema such as proper diet plan and workout routine. These will boost your enema results. People can also use some weight loss supplements for better results.

What Is A Coffee Enema And How Does It Work?

Coffee enema and weight loss goes side by side and is a something unique and innovative and it is the next step after the BASIC or STANDARD enema application. Basically the purpose of enema is to clean the toxins from the colon which leads to weight loss. In coffee enema, the coffee is injected into anus and the caffeine which is present inside the coffee is absorbed. This caffeine goes to the liver and acts as a strong detoxicant. As a result, the liver produces more amount of bile which is eliminated from small intestine. In this way coffee enema becomes more effective as compared to standard enema. People who undergo the enemas feel dehydration which is a drawback of enemas (as discussed above). So it is advised that you keep yourself hydrated as much as you can.

People who have the problem of constipation complain about immense intestinal pain. Coffee enemas are best in this case to relieve the pain and discomfort. There is less risk in its use but frequent use of enemas is unsafe for us. The experts recommend them once in a year when they talk about the health problems associated with enema use. After the use of coffee enema, you can feel visible weight loss. People usually ask that what side do you lay on for a coffee enema? Answer is that you have to lie down on your left side for a coffee enema. When the coffee enema procedure is going on, make sure you do not harm the colon and its tissues.

What Are The Benefits Of Coffee Enemas?

Coffee enema has lots of benefits and one of them is weight loss. Coffee beans are full of health benefits for us and when we use it in the enema process they cleanse our body against toxins and various kinds of harmful bacteria. These bacteria and germs decrease the efficiency of our body and impacts over all body performance. In this way the detoxification of the liver takes place and the colon is cleansed. There is not any major difference between enema and coffee enema but coffee enema benefits weight loss more than a regular enema. Coffee enema for weight loss is the next step after you have used the regular enemas.

What Is The Difference Between An Enema And Coffee Enema?

The difference comes in the preparation of the two. The products for these two types of enemas differ from each other. In a standard enema, various types of fluids are used but in coffee enema, coffee is used. Coffee enema weight loss results are very prominent and they can motivate the people who are still confused about this enema therapy for weight loss. So if you are looking for more health benefits then you should go for coffee enema rather than a regular enema for weight loss.


What Is The Best Coffee For Enema?

Many people are confused while selecting the coffee for enema. One must know that the coffee we drink is not the one to be used for coffee enema. The coffee enema therapy for weight loss is another type of coffee which is available in the market. The coffee has to be finely grounded otherwise the chunks will clog during the enema process. The coffee used in enema has a different color and the levels of caffeine are higher in it as compared to the coffee we use orally. The lighter the color of coffee the greater amount of caffeine can be found in it. So, you have to select the coffee from a renowned brand that is specifically for Enema process.


What Is An Epsom Salt Enema?

Epsom salt enema is another favorite type of enema. As we all know that Epsom salt is used during the spa treatment which gives a feeling of relaxation to a person. Today, we use Epsom salt for enema weight loss. The use of Epsom salt for enema is safe and quick. The process is performed within 10 to 15 minutes depending upon your capacity of keeping the fluid in your colon. The manufacturers recommend heating up this mixture before you start the procedure. Be very careful and don’t burn it while you are heating it.

What Are The Benefits Of Epsom Salt Enema?

The Epsom salt enemas have gained popularity for the past few years. The significant benefit of using Epsom salt enema is for the weight loss. The colon is cleared in this way, and the working of the intestine becomes effective. It is known for being laxative so that it will clean your colon along with the digestive tract. The research is going on to reveal more benefits of using Epsom salt for the enema.

Is Epsom Salt Enema Safe For Me?

Another name of Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. This mineral relaxes the nerves in the body leading to a healthy heart. You have to be careful about the dose of Epsom salt that you are using. A high amount of this mineral is not safe for our body that is why you should use its calculated amount. Every person should follow the directions given by the manufacturer mentioned on the kit. So if there is some confusion, then your pharmacist will help you in this regard.

What Is The Best Epsom Salt For Enema?

Epsom salt is readily available in grocery and wellness stores. From the store, you will find the best Epsom salt for enema which comes in large packaging. Make sure the size of the salt is small so that it readily dissolves and gives you the best weight loss results. It absorbs quickly in the body and cleans your colon as a result. Therefore you should buy the Epsom salt for enema from a well-known brand.


Are Enemas Safe To Use?

The primary use of enemas is to treat constipation. You should use enemas for a short period. Frequent applications of enemas are not safe for our health. However, if you are thinking to use enemas for weight loss, then there are no worries at all. Using enemas too often are not advised. If you feel vomiting, bloating, or any infection after the enema use then don’t dare to do that again. It is for your safety and health. You have to hold for about 15 to 20 minutes at least during an enema. The more you keep the enema; the better will be the results of it. Make sure you follow the instructions and if you don’t know about this procedure then don’t try to do it yourself at home. In case of queries, your pharmacist will surely guide you in this regard.

Should I Go For Enema Or Coffee Enema Is A Better Choice?

The debate on best enema solution is still going on about the type of enema which is more effective. Some say that enema is better while other vote for coffee enemas. Both of the varieties have greater benefits for us and one of them is weight loss. A regular enema cleans our colon and toxins thereby improving our energy levels. So if you are looking for weight loss and health benefits then the enema therapy is best for you. People who don’t want to do coffee enema then they can perform a standard enema for them.

How Often Should Enemas Be Done?

Enemas are an incredible technique for relieving constipation and its benefits for weight loss. When we talk about the enema frequency, then it is different for different types of enemas.

If we discuss coffee enema, then it can be done twice a week for the safety of the individual. It is better to go for once in a week. The coffee enema should be done early in the morning when there is better absorption of caffeine. You have to maintain a balance between your routine and the use of enemas.

For an Epson salt enema, it is more about the amount of Epsom salt rather than the frequency for the Epsom salt enema. So effectiveness should be your aim. Therefore, twice a week enemas are safe for us.

Why Are Frequent Enemas Harmful?

We all know that every healthcare procedure has some side effects and in case of enemas, the overuse of enemas is terrible. However, the debate is still going on regarding the enema frequency for the safety of the adults. Rectal perforation is one of the significant side effects of doing enemas too often. Apart from this significant health risks, there are some minor issues with the frequent use of enemas.

When you are using enemas very often, then a time will come when the nutrient absorption in your body gets affected. There are chances of malnutrition in your body, and this is something of grave concern.

A person should be well hydrated because enemas will ultimately cause dehydration on our body. When you are performing enemas twice a week and feeling some drawbacks then you must quit using it at once otherwise you will lose your good health.

Final Verdict On Enemas for Weight Loss:

Enemas are safe, and they have countless benefits for us. One should be careful about the enema frequency because enemas done too often are risky and they are harmful to our health. Make sure you go for the enema products from the well-known brands which are safe to use. If you are using them at home, then great care is needed. You have to follow the instructions and the directions given by the manufacturer. You should find the best for you from a long list of products available. The major types of enemas include coffee enema, Epsom salt enema and some other types which cleanse the colon and intestinal tract.

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