A Complete Guide on Compression Garments and Weight Loss

A Complete guide on Compression Garments and Weight Loss


These days there is a great trend of using compression garments but have you ever wondered if these garments really help you lose weight? They are worn by the athletes during sports and workouts. People who are overweight are very much fascinated by this idea of compression garments. The basic idea behind compression clothes for weight loss is that they put pressure on the skin and make you look thinner. Heavy sweating results in weight loss among people who use it. Before you rush to buy these garments for weight loss, you should read this detailed article to know about their benefits and certain health risks associated with these compression garments.

What Is Compression Clothing?

If you use workout clothes then you will not find any difference between the compression garments and workout clothing. The compression clothes are tightly woven to give support and also hinder your body’s tissues. Whenever you wear compression tights, socks or tops then you may feel that your body is supported in a strange way and you actually feel good about it. Some people have a misconception that their body’s movement is restricted after wearing this type compression clothing for weight loss but it is not the case. You can freely move after wearing compression clothes. It is the compression clothing that has nothing to do with medical science. Apart from that, there are some compression clothes which are advised to wear right after surgery in order to treat the circulation of tissues.

Compression Clothing for Weight Loss. Whats the hype all about?

Compression clothes that are easily available at sports goods store are very helpful for your body. People who are overweight and want to lose weight as much as possible, the entire struggle in losing weight results in torn muscles. These types of people with larger frame must wear compression clothes whose purpose is to compress the muscles against a person’s structure and to reduce micro muscle tears as much as possible. So the body movement of overweight people is controlled by the compression clothing.

People who are struggling to lose weight should clearly know that the compression garments do not help you lose weight but they aid in your exercise regime for weight loss. When your muscle damage is prevented by wearing these clothes, it means that you can lose weight more effectively. These clothes give you an illusion of weight loss. The effectiveness of these clothes comes in front if you during workout and exercises. It is not a good idea to wear the compression garments for weight loss in your daily routine like casual or party dresses. So when your body is active and feels better in these compression clothes then you will exercise for some extra time and this is the reason which results in your weight loss.

How does body compression garments help in weight loss?

The very name of the compression clothing gives us some idea about their working. The garments exert pressure on the body and give you a slim and tight look. For ladies, these clothes can hold your buttoks and buzzoms in a way that you will feel good about yourself. The fabric chosen for these garments is stretchable like Spandex and Lycra. The body is squeezed after wearing these compression garments. There are also various cuts in these clothing which have their own purpose. So they shape your body and give you a slim and thin look after you wear them.  The following factors aid in weight loss through this clothing.

  • Sweating

Weight loss and sweating has some kind of connection in it. Whenever you sweat, you lose weight immediately and it is the water weight loss. This kind of weight loss is temporary and it comes back right after you rehydrate yourself. We lose weight when we burn the fats and sweating doesn’t burn our body fats. However it is very important that what you are doing results in sweating. So when you are sweating it doesn’t mean that you are losing weight in the true sense and it is actually temporary weight loss.

  • Compression

These garments have the feature of compression in them. These garments through their illusion make you believe that you are losing weight. When you wear these clothes your body gets its shape back. However there is no evidence about weight loss through compression garments. All they do is support your body and muscles at the time of workout and exercises.

  • Micromassage

The compression garments also offer micromassage. The micromassage aids the weight loss process. In micromassage, constant and gentle pressure is exerted on the body when it moves. There is a little evidence that it breaks up the cellulite. These garments give you the comfort you look for. They have special kind of knitting which relives pain from your body as well.

  • Athletic support

The compression suit for weight loss is used by athletes because it increases their performance in the most effective manner. The muscles of the body get the extra support and it improves the circulation of blood as well. When a person is active and motivated then he performs more workout and exercises which ultimately results in weight loss. This means that compression garments aid in weight loss.

Dangers of body compression garments:

The body compression garments might be the most fascinating thing in your life but one must know that there are certain dangers associated with them. Those who are using them feel immense pleasure but must be careful about their health too. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

  • Dehydration

When we wear the compression garments then they give us lots of sweat and we become dehydrated. This temporary weight loss is due to water loss from our body in the form of sweat. This kind of weight loss is very harmful for the body. It is important that you keep yourself hydrated during and after the workout.

  • Overheating

When we wear these compression garments during workout, the temperature of our body rises and we sweat more. In order to keep a balanced body temperature you should get some kind of expert advice. Overheating of body may result in dizziness and even heat stroke.

  • Reduction in muscle tone

The evidence brought forward by the doctors’ state that when we wear the compression clothing, it relaxes the muscles of our stomach. This results in less calorie burn than the normal levels. It means that in the absence of compression garments our body burn more calories than in state of compression clothing. So make sure the muscles are not too much relaxed that they prevent the calories burning.

  • Muscle fatigue

People who wear these tight clothes often complain about muscle fatigue. The reason is that they compress your body muscles and organs to a greater extent. The nerves are pinched around your thighs in most of the cases. So in order to avoid the nerve and muscle damage it is better to avoid them if you experience muscle fatigue due to compression clothes.

  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure

In most of the cases the use of compression garments disturbs the body temperature to such as extent that the heart rate increases along with an increase in blood pressure. If your body is not adjusting with these clothes then you should skip the idea of wearing them at once.

  • Under-exercising

When we wear the body compression garments for weight loss during exercise then it so very happens that our body heats up quickly. Overheating of body decreases our efficiency to work more. So, little exercise is done for a little time after a person wears the compression clothing. In the absence of these clothes you can exercise more effectively to for some more time.

Things to consider before buying compression garments:

Compression garments are easily available in the market and there are lots of online stores which sell all types of compression garments. The items which you see online don’t give you the right idea about its fabric and material. When you visit the store yourself then you can touch and feel the elasticity of the fabric. There are certain things to look for when buying the compression garments.

  • Appropriate size:

Size is very important in compression garments. You can get full benefits when you wear the right size. Right size clothing which doesn’t restrict your body movement should be your aim.

  • Right selection of garment:

People don’t know from where to start that is why don’t get the maximum benefits. If you go for exercise and workout then you must begin from the compression tights in the first place. Most of the exercises involve the legs and wearing tights makes your workout effective. With tight you will exercise more because the muscles of your legs are supported.

  • Fabric of compression garment:

Make sure you buy the compression garments from renowned manufacturers. Cheap clothing may not only tear but can also be harmful for your skin. The fabric is usually made from the elastomeric material that is highly stretchable. If you feel any kind of irritation on your skin then you should stop using it. The tops are very comfortable that give support to your chest and abdomen during the workout.

I want to lose weight. Will compression garments help me?

People who are overweight look for something magical makes them slim in no time. When it comes to compression garments then a frequently asked question is that do compression shirts help you lose weight? The basic purpose of wearing compression garments is to support the muscles of your body and make you feel comfortable during and after the workout. In this way, when you are relaxed and comfortable then you can exercise for some more time and very often. In this way you lose weight significantly. However it is not right to say that compression garments will lose weight.

Is compression during the significant weight loss journey helpful?

It is seen that people who lose weight through difficult workouts, feel their skin sagging. This is very natural during weight loss. Surgery can help for this sagging skin but then surgery has its own cons. So the simplest and easy solution is to wear the compression garments during workout. It tightens your skin and prevents it from sagging. These clothes support your skin and retention of tissues. This is a worth noting benefit of compression clothes which is free from any risk. Another important thing to consider is that to make sure you do not wear these clothes for all the time and for too long. Once you feel that your skin is tightened than stop using them for good.

Are the effects of compression garments superficial?

When you wear compression garments they tighten your body and give you an illusion of weight loss. This is only for the time being you are wearing such kind of clothing. These suits and clothes tuck your body parts such as thighs, stomach, belly and others. When you remove these clothes then you appear overweight again. So, all the magic is behind wearing them. Experts recommend not wearing these clothes for a long time because they have negative effects as well. You may get swelling around various areas of your body and you may again look fat.

How to clean your compression garment?

It is very important that you clean and taker care of your compression garments from time to time. Caring and cleaning increases the life of your clothes. Make sure you remove your compression clothes before going to bed. It is good to wash them by hand and you can wash them in washing machine as well. Put it in a mesh bag so that it is safe during the wash cycles. You should use warm water and any mild detergent for their washing. Avoid chemicals or chlorine bleach. In this way these compression clothes will remain clean and safe for a longer period.


When we talk about weight loss then the idea of compression garments for weight loss come in our mind. If you are towards your weight loss journey then initial water weight loss through these clothes can help in achieving your goals and motivate you as well. These clothes also have a positive impact on your mind by making you appear thinner. This itself can give you motivation to workout greater than ever. Some people use compression going to cover up their fat when going out for a nice time out. That’s perfectly fine but you should stay hydrated and make sure the clothing is not too tight.

However, wearing these garments gives support to the muscles of your body that may lead you exercising for some more time. The more you exercise the greater are your chances to lose weight. So, all you have to do is to select the right kind of compression garment for you which makes you comfortable rather than increasing the pressure on your muscles and nerves.




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