About SolveHer

Hey there! This is Sofia Edward from SolveHer. Solve Her is all about solving your problems. Be it Health, Weight Loss, Workout, Product reviews, Outdoor Activities or any thing related to your LIFE(lol that’s a big word) but yes, anything I find people worried about or want suggestions, I am here to help.

Bringing in knowledge to my fellow readers is not only my passion but it gives me the motivation to observe, think and write what I can gather from web and individual opinions.

Being an active Woman (who is not just about writing) I mostly write articles surrounding Health and Sports which includes but are not limited to health, innovation in health, supplementation and the top best products that can either make your life easy or in some way improve it.

I am fairly easy and little cheesy to talk to. Contact me now if you want or ask anything related to Solve Her. Lets make world a better place now.